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Welcome to Analysis of phenological digital imagery project!

The package phenopix provides functions to process digital images of a vegetation cover, depict greennes index trajectories and extract relevant phenological stages.

Package vignettes are currently up to date and available from within R by the usual vignette() command. A copy of them will also be available for download on Research Gate (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Gianluca_Filippa) where there will be room for comments and discussion. New version 2.3 features the following news: 1. NDVI function is improved and implemented also for the spatial analysis 2. All double logistic fittings are improved, so that now data are normalized prior to the fit, making the whole process more stable 3. A new estimation of uncertainty is proposed, which combines the uncertainties of the various fits and phenophase methods. New functions include combineUncertainty(), summarizePhases(), plotSum(). 4. A project page dedicated to the package will soon be published on Research Gate

The project summary page you can find here.